Final Boom

Final Boom

Mineral compactor finisher.

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FINAL BOOM is a mineral finisher/compactor, it fattens the calyxes causing them to tighten against each other.

➤ Use:

6th week of flowering 2 ml/l
7th week of flowering 3 ml/l
8th week of flowering 3 ml/l

Use from one to two times a week when we see that our buds have stopped getting relatively fat at the end of the 6th to the 8th week.

FINAL BOOM It can be mixed with other types of nutrients, it is advisable not to exceed the EC of each week. Suitable for crops in soil, hydroponic, NFT, aeroponic, and coconut

➤ Contain:

Potassium (K2O) 10,00% 8,70%
Silicon (SiO2) 8,00% 7,00%

DensiTY 1,14 g/cc
pH 1,45

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