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Pk Boom

Pk Boom

Mineral bud fattener.

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PK BOOM is a mineral buds fattener with high levels of phosphorus and potassium.

It increases the size and quality of your flowers.

➤ Use:

Start applying PK BOOM when the first buds begin to appear, between the second and third week of flowering, start with a lower dose and as the size of the flowers increases, we will increase the dose until reaching the maximum recommended amount.

2nd week of flowering 2ml/l
3rd week of flowering 2ml/l
4th week of flowering 3ml/l
5th week of flowering 3ml/l
6th week of flowering 3ml/l
7th week of flowering 2ml/l

➤ Contain:

Nitrogen (N)                    3,00% 2,40%
Phosphorus (P)                                16,00% 13,00%
Potassium (K)                                16,00% 13,00%
Zinc (Zn)                                     0,06% 0,05%
Boron (B)                                      0,20% 0,16%
Manganese (Mn)                        0,50% 0,40%

Density 1,24 g/cc
pH 3,05

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