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➤ Information:

Excellent enhancer to force the plant to produce the maximum of trichomes.

It gets a rain of terpenes, fixing a large layer of resin and impregnating buds and leaves, making them fully usable. Achieving flowers of great hardness and maximum flavour.

Advance the harvest by about a week.

➤ Use:

- Add 1ml for each litre of water, in the last 4 weeks of cultivation.

- If you double the dose in the last 15 days will get to advance the harvest by about a week.

➤ Contain:

Nitrogen(N) 1%
Potassium 20%
Carbohydrates 3%
Vegetable Proteins 3%
Iron-EDDHA(Fe) 1%
Total amino acids 2%
Sulphur(S) 2%
pH 7 ud

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