Red Boom Revienta Cogollos

Red Boom Revienta Cogollos


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➤ Information:

It is a very complete concentrated cream formulation which acts by stimulating fattening, aroma, flavour, weight, hardness, and sugars of the bud, with amazing harvest results in quality and production.

It is much more than a PK because in addition to nitrogen and a high level of PK, its composition contains a set of natural activators, forming a chain of links between all elements of its composition, performing a very complete nutritional function, and facilitating the assimilation of NPK, increasing its great potential in the plant, and achieving great harvests for professionals.

➤ Use:

- Soil: Use 0.5ml-1ml/1L of water.

- Coco e hydroponic: Use 0.2ml to 0.5ml/1L of water.

From the 3rd to the 6th flowering week.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Total Nitrogen 1,72% 2,60%
Phosphorus 18,31% 27,68%
Potassium 20,92% 31,62%
Density 1,48 g/Cc
pH 6,38

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