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It is a 100% natural biotrophic mixture rich in protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, glucose, and enzymes which produce beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, enriching microfauna by creating plant root symbiosis to allow easily blocked mineral elements to be assimilated, creating beneficial bacteria in the tissue of growth, improving results in growth and flowering, and producing glucose in fruits in the fattening stage.

➤ Use:

Soil: Apply 2ml/1L of water.

Coco and hydroponic: Apply 1ml/1L of water.

From the 2nd growth week to the 6th flowering week.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Free Amino Acids 3,00% 3,60%
Vegetable Honey 3,00% 3,60%
Vegetable Proteins 3,00% 3,60%
Carbohydrates 3,00% 3,60%
Density 1,20 g/Cc
pH 5,49

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