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It is an organic nutritional supplement which must be used during the whole cultivation. Rich in fish hydrolysate, enzymes, carbohydrate, humic and fulvic acids, plant honey, protein, and natural vitamins which. Combined with the fertiliser of each cycle in the same irrigation water, provides full nutrition for the plant. You will obtain a well-structured plant with fruits which have an excellent scent and a natural flavour. It facilitates the absorption of mineral fertilisers and unblocks saturated roots. It is ideal for growers who love natural products.

➤ Use:

Soil: Use 1ml to 2ml /1L of water.

Coco and hydroponic: Use 0.5ml to 1ml /1L of water.

From the 2nd growth week to the 6th flowering week.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Free Amino Acids 8,37% 9,65%
Total Nitrogen 5,60% 6,45%
Density 1,20 g/Cc
pH 4,30

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