Proteins And Carbohydrathes

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It is a source of protein and mucopolysaccharides (complex carbohydrates), shark cartilage, organic silicon from bamboo cane and calcium from marine coral. Its main function is to prevent water stress making the plant more resistant to pests and diseases, causes the appearance of more knots, with thicker and woody trunks and stems, therefore, the plant assimilates better and more amount of nutrients.

➤ Use:

- Soil: Use 0.2ml/1L of water.

- Coco and hydroponic: Use 0.1ml/1L of water.

From the 3rd growth week to the 6th flowering week.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Free Amino Acids 2.60% 3.42%
Potassium 8.50% 11.20%
Density 1,30 g/Cc
pH 4,78

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