Pack 2×1 Super Boom Compactor 390gr +...

Pack 2×1 Super Boom Compactor 390gr + Corrector PH 600ml GRATIS

Super Boom Compactor

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Limited Super Promo: Pack 2 Super Boom Compactor 390gr + PH Corrector 600ml FREE!!


The results of SUPER BOOM COMPACTOR are:


-Flowers with more size and sugar.


-Visible results from the second watering.


-Full flowers and with an incredible increase in weight.


-Flowers with more aroma and essential oils.


-Provides enzymes, activates and increases the enzymatic processes of the plant itself.


-An explosion of benefits at the end of the harvest.


SUPER BOOM COMPACTOR can be used on all kinds of substrates, soil, coco and in some hydroponics systems. In indoor and outdoor crops.


➤ How to use:


It is used in the 7th, 8th and 9th week of flowering and maturation at a dose of 5 to 10gr/10l of water, it can be used alone or in conjunction with other flowering nutrients.


two to three times a week


It is essential to correct the PH


➤ Contains:

  Organic calcium 0.3% w/w

  Organic protein 1.2% w/w

  Organic nitrogen 0.28% w/w

  Organic carbon 1% w/w

  Aspartic acid 0.15% w/w

  Glutamic acid 0.30% w/w

  Analine 0.085% w/w

  Arginine 0.20% w/w

  Pheninaline 0.0412% w/w

  Lysine 0.0576% w/w

  Methionine 0.0112% w/w

  Proline 0.15% w/w

  Serine 0.225% w/w

  Tyrosine 0.019% w/w

  Threonine 0.1432% w/w

  Valine 0.1432% w/w

  Vegetable protein 1.2% w/w

  Vegetable protein 0.2% w/w

  Calcium oxide 0.5% w/w

  Magnesium 0.002682% w/w

  Sulfur trioxide 0.015552% w/w

  Manganese sulfate 0.04312% w/w

  Boron 0.0001848% w/w

  Zinc sulfate 0.0001848% p/p

  Molybdenum 0.000216% p/p

  EDDHA iron chelate 0.00072% w/w

  Nitrogen 0.368% w/w

  vitamin B1

  vitamin B2

  Vitamin B6

  Potassium 10% w/w

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