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Mortem is a full discharge insecticide bomb for all kinds of insects, makes a total disinfection of your crop quickly and easily, thanks to its direct discharge with incredible efficiency. Multi-purpose insecticide with high impact and penetration capacity in affected areas. Also known as automatic mist smoke bomb. You can apply this product in any buildings or room, establishments, means of transport etc.

Singleuse product

➤ Use:

The first step will be to enable the area affected by the plague by closing doors and windows, creating a closed area where the insecticidal smoke will not be able to escape.


The second step will be to place the total discharge canister in a vertical position in the center of the area to be treated, preferably in a high place for greater performance.


The third step will be to shake the bottle and then press the valve and leave the product to act for 4 hours.


The last step will be to ventilate the area and make a corresponding review.


Ventilate the room well once the insecticide has activated.

Do not use in the presence of people, animals, food or kitchen utensils.

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