Roca Boost

Roca Boost

Mineral Final Compactor

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Powerful finisher that acts in the fattening and hardening of the flowers. It gets that the harvests are of more weight, therefore, more profitable and of high quality. Increases the production of sugar and essential oils. In its composition incorporates natural elements of Asian origin and silicon 100% vegetable. This product acts mainly on the enterobacteriaceae and solubilizing agents, which act on the salts that are grouped in the roots and prevent perfect nutrition.

➤ Use:

Use 1g/l in the last weeks of flowering. If you are an expert grower, you can reach the maximum EC reflected in our tables, in this week it is advisable to use it alone.

Use 0.5/l from 5th to 8th week flowering together with other fertilizers that correspond in those weeks of flowering without exceeding the EC indicated on our tables.

➤ Contain:

Silicon (Si) 2%
Calcium (Ca) 2%
Proteins 7%
Density 1,02 g/Cc
pH 6,35

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