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Iron Chlorosis Corrector

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It is a group of natural materials lined in a very efficient chain, specifically to correct ferric chlorosis (iron deficiency) among other functions. This mixture contains Iron, amino acids, enzymes, humic acids, fulvic acids and plant honey, combined to cover and quickly repair this type of deficiency that plants usually have during cultivation. It re-establishes dead and withered plants, activates the microflora and microfauna of the soil, increases the cation exchange capacity, chelating nutrients. You will have plants with a very intense, uniform green.

➤ Use:

In curative mode use 2-3 ml/L of water 2 times per week until see that the plant is recovered.

Once the deficiency is solved continue with 1ml/L of water as preventive and fortifying.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Free Aminoacids 4,45% 5,37%
Nitrogen(N) 2,50% 2,75%
Iron(Fe) 2% 2,20%
Density 1,10 g/Cc
pH 6,5

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