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More Grams

Drying Enhancer

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Unique formula in the world, launched by Cannaboom. Allows your harvest to lose little weight in the drying process. Are you tired of having a large harvest, then being disappointed in the drying process when you see that it has been reduced to nothing, losing over 80% of its weight? MORE GRAMS acts by filling the interior of flowers with plant fibre, starch and protein, transforming part of the water inside the bud into mass. You will also note that as the days pass, in the drying process, buds will be fuller and tighter. You will enjoy the results very quickly, as the drying time is accelerated, keeping their aroma intact and enhancing their flavour.

➤ Use:

Soil: Use 2ml/1L of water.

Coco and hydroponic: Use 1ml/1L of water.

Use during the last 2 weeks of flowering.

It is essential to correct the ph.

➤ Contain:

w/w w/v
Free Amino Acids 3,86% 4,83%
Potassium (soluble en agua) 2,60% 3,25%
Density 1,20 g/Cc
pH 5,16

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